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Όσοι γνωρίζουν πληροφορίες και νέα για τον διαγωνισμό της Eurovision, μπορουν να επικοινωνήσουν με τη σελίδα στο email:

According to the greek tabloid ESPRESSO, ERT has decide to organise a talent show for the eurovision 2004!

The title of the article is : " Eurovision like Fame story" (Fame Story is the greek version of OT) and the subtitle is : It is designed in the models of reality games - and many reactions. Espresso suports that finally the choice of the singer who will represent Greece in Eurovision 2004 will be decide from a talent show!

The article entertains also statements of Dafni Bokota (greek presenter of esc ) and Giorgos Katsaros (composer of GR 1974 and president of the greek jury)!
Dafni Bokota declared: "The show will be something between fame story and the show "Now its your chance" which the viewers will vote the one that wants to represent Greece in the Eurovision". The show will be trasmitted a time the week and will last almost up to the day of ESC 2004. The schedules for the Eurovision are ready. We should try new things from the moment that we see that some other do not have go well!"
Giorgos Katsaro's declared that from the show famous arists will not be excluded!"

Besi Argiraki (Gre 1977) supported that ERT should make an afficial proposal to Sakis Rouvas (well known pop artist) to represent Greece at ESC! Also Michalis Rakintzis (Gre 2002) and Kostas Bigalis ( Gre 1994 and 1996-composer) declared that no one famous artist will enter in this process! On the contrary, Evridiki (Cyp 1992, 1994) and Giorgos Hatzinasios (Gre 1977- composer) agreed with ERT's plans!

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